Become A SIRM Patient

To become a patient at any Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine center, you will need to follow the steps below:

Identify the SIRM center where you would prefer to receive treatment (view a list of offices/physicians HERE).
Contact us to set up an initial consultation by calling your preferred SIRM office directly (find phone numbers HERE). During your consultation, your physician will go over your medical and reproductive history with you and recommend an individualized course of treatment that is custom-tailored to your situation.
Fill out the patient questionnaire (Click Here to Download) This questionnaire will serve as a portion of your patient registration and will be used by your SIRM doctor to aid in reviewing your history.
After your initial consultation with a SIRM physician, you will be given the opportunity to meet with a financial advisor and a clinical coordinator who will oversee the implementation of your entire treatment schedule at SIRM.

Financial Considerations

We have a variety of IVF package plans for cash pay patients. The cost and details of the various plans along with determination of the plans you qualify for will be reviewed with you at the time of your financial consultation with our office manager.

The cost of a single IVF treatment cycle starts at approximately $10,000 plus the cost of medications and pre-cycle testing. Pre-cycle testing is often covered by your insurance carrier; if you have already had the required testing done, we will not repeat the testing as long as it is current. The cost of medications ranges from $2500-$8000 and is paid directly to the pharmacy you select.

There are several companies that offer IVF financing. Your local SIRM office can give you details and contact information for the ones that are used most frequently.

For information on our various IVF package plans and financing, click HERE.

Traveling To SIRM

Almost half of SIRM patients travel to SIRM centers from out-of-state or out of country. To make the process as easy as possible, SIRM has developed protocols that allow interaction from afar with your primary care physician. SIRM patients are able to have all their preliminary testing and care performed by their doctors in their own home settings. This means that with well-advanced scheduling, patients are only required to spend 10 to 14 days at a SIRM center to complete an IVF treatment cycle.

We have also partnered with a Medical Concierge Service that will arrange and coordinate any or all of your travel, accommodations, transportation, entertainment, and other trip details for a fee of $150. Click HERE to fill out a request for services.

We also have special SIRM discount rates available to our patients at hotels near many of our centers.