Chart Review Videos with Linda Vignapiano – SIRM St. Louis

15 Mar
Nurse Linda of Sher Fertility Institute

For the convenience of our patients, we have created a series of videos featuring SIRM Executive Clinical Coordinator Linda Vignapiano that are meant to supplement your chart reviews with your clinical coordinator. These videos follow the format of our standard chart review and explain the medications and cycle calendar, and give an overview of the entire IVF process as performed at SIRM-St. Louis.

There are three videos that explain the process from different perspectives. The three versions are as follows:

Full IVF Cycle: This includes information for patients who are undergoing a full, conventional IVF cycle including stimulation, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer.

Recipient Cycle: Intended for those who are undergoing preparation for an embryo transfer only, such as those undergoing Frozen Embryo Transfer and recipients in an egg donor IVF cycle.

Genetic Testing: For those who have questions about genetic testing options including Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH), and Gender Selection.


Chart Review – Full IVF Cycle


Chart Review – Recipient Cycle


Genetic Testing – What Patients Should Know

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