A Patient Gives Thanks to Sher Fertility’s Nurse Linda

25 Jun

Thank you Nurse Linda at Sher Fertility Las Vegas

When we tell people the best part of our jobs at Sher Fertility Institutes is the opportunity we’re given to work with our wonderful patients, it may seem like that’s just something we do should say – but it really is the truth. Our work helps people that have often had incredible challenges in their efforts to have families. It’s very rewarding for us to see how happy we can make them when we succeed, and their courage inspires us to work even harder and advance our science when things don’t work out.

We’re always very appreciative when a patient shares with us that our team’s hard work, dedication, and positive attitudes made a difference for them. I was fortunate to receive such a note recently from a patient:


While getting my intralipid infusion I thought I’d check the discussion board to see if any of my friends from previous cycles were still on…instead I stumbled across your blog. Just wanted to let you know how much I loved it. I had tears in my eyes reading it because you actually get it… How much I hate the term infertility, how it’s hard to see a blissfully pregnant woman because in some ways I felt cheated out of even enjoying a successful pregnancy because of the constant fear.

You are absolutely awesome. I will always be grateful to Sher Fertility for my little boy, but you were the one who made it a much more relaxed process. You do make us feel empowered at a time we feel so bewildered by all that is happening and all we have to do just right. Thank you for what you do!”

I post this note, grateful for the patient’s gratitude, but also to let anyone else that we’re helping, or that we’ll some day help, that we work tireless – and happily – towards making their dreams come true.

Please feel free to submit your questions, concerns, or ideas for my next video blog to AskNurseLinda@haveababy.com. I will use your ideas for upcoming YouTube segments. I look forward to hearing from you and hope I can provide you with some useful insights!
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