Nurse Linda – Embryo Transfer & The Two Week Wait

11 Mar

In this video blog, Nurse Linda offers her unique perspective about what to do during the dreaded “2-Week Wait”. As all IVF patients know, this is the period after your IVF embryo transfer, when you are hoping and praying that your embryos “stick” and waiting for the fateful beta hCG pregnancy test results. She also shares her best advice on optimizing embryo transfers.  Linda V. has been an IVF nurse and clinical coordinator at the Sher Fertility Institute for 15 years. Through her years working directly with thousands of IVF patients, she understands the emotional, physical, social, and relationship struggles they experience like no one else, and has a special way of connecting with them. For her, the ultimate reward for her work is when she is approached by someone who has seen her videos and they express how the videos have helped them through a tough time, helped them feel that someone FINALLY understands them, or has even made their injections less painful.

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