Sher Fertility Dallas Worth the Drive for Odessa Couple

Cynthia and Jason traveled to Sher Fertility Dallas from Odessa, TX (300 miles away) to work with Dr. Walid Saleh . The couple encountered several challenges in their efforts to conceive including extreme Diminshed Ovarian Reserve and severe Endometriosis, that Dr. Saleh helped them overcome.  The couple’s dedication, and long miles of driving, were rewarded with the birth of their adorable son, Colby.

The couple would like others interested in having families of their own to know:
“We would love to inspire more couples to fight for their dreams and to use outstanding fertility clinics such as Sher Fertility in Dallas.”

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Colby takes a nice, happy nap while posing for his birth announcements.


Proud parents, Cynthia and Jason with baby Colby.

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