Stephanie A. Goeters, Embryologist at Sher Fertility Dallas, TX

Stephanie A. Goeters, MT(ASCP) TS(ABB) is an embryologist  for Sher Fertility’s Dallas, TX clinic, working closely with Dr. Walid Saleh and the Dallas team to help patients have babies. She answered a few questions about her job and her training, while offering some insights for patients about the process and results.

Stephanie A Goeters, Sher Fertility Dallas, TX

Stephanie A Goeters is a embryologist at Sher Fertility Dallas, TX.

I became an embryologist because … The science of reproduction is so interesting and seeing it from the beginning cellular stages in the lab is exciting.
I like working in the lab at Sher Fertility Institute because … I enjoy the team of embryologists and coworkers. I also enjoy learning and using the most advanced technologies to help our patients.
I have been an embryologist … For 14 years, 9 of which I’ve spent at Sher.
My training and educational background includes … Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology, I have worked previously in both a Blood Bank Lab and Flow Cytometry Lab.
Patients can rest assured that the labs across the Sher network are … Always striving to find new and better ways to improve the field of assisted reproduction for our patients.
The hardest part of my job is … Having to give disappointing news to patients that their embryos are not doing well.
The most rewarding aspect of my job is … Seeing a positive pregnancy test and when patients bring their babies to visit.
The question I get asked the most is … Can “quality 2 embryos make a baby”? The answer is definitely YES!! Most of our pregnancies come from what I grade as “quality 2 embryos”.
The one thing I wish our patients understood better is … Even with modern technology, a woman’s age is the most important factor in fertility, don’t delay treatment if you are unable to conceive.
One little-know-fact about me is … I love to snow ski and plan to retire in the mountains of Colorado.

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