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Change your Life, Change the Lives of Others Like You

Infertility can be such a lonely experience. But it can also be a time to connect and share with people just like you. As much as your family and friends love you, no one can understand what you are going through quite like a fellow infertility patient.

Sher Fertility Institute believes in the power of sharing your story. Not only can it make you feel better but it can change the life of someone else just like you. Through your words, you can inspire, offer hope and even shed light on infertility treatment options as well as different infertility paths. Sharing your story on social and mainstream media is a way to make sure your voice – the voice of the infertile – is heard.

Fill out the form below and include anything you like – your blog, your videos, even just a long written story.

Thank you for opening your heart to others like you. You can make a difference.

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Place for people to share fertility journey stories.
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