The Greco Family: National Infertility Awareness

17 Apr

As part of National Infertility Awareness Week 2015, Sher Fertility asked for stories from those that have overcome infertility, as well as those still struggling through the fight. Here is a story shared by the Greco Family:

“My husband Jeff and I’s story began in early 2011 when we decided it was time to have a baby! I was 33 years old and not getting any younger. We conceived the first month trying but were devastated when 2 months later we miscarried. While I thought this was a low point for us, I didn’t realize at that point there were many more to come. From there we continued trying naturally but nothing happened.  In 2012, we decided to go to our first fertility clinic. They diagnosed me with low ovarian reserve. My AMH level was .18 – devastating news. A normal AMH is 1.5-4.  Low is 1-1.5. Mine being .18 meant that my egg levels were low – to me it meant I probably didn’t have a chance of conceiving. Through the next year and a half I went through 5 IUS and 3 IVFs at my first clinic, doctors appointments, counting days, administering shots was my life. At the same time every friend and family member was announcing they were pregnant which added to my sadness. I was happy for them, but sad for my husband and myself. I did manage to get pregnant once but it ended in an ectopic.

Finally in mid-2013, I decided to switch to Sher. There was something in me that would not give up. While adoption is for many people, it was not a route I was willing to go yet even after 3 IVFs and years of trying.   From my first appointment at the Sher Fertility New York office, I immediately felt comfortable. They did tests that my other clinic did not do and completely changed my protocol. In Nov. 2014, we started an IVF, but cancelled it before the retrieval as my body was acting strange. But I was ready to go again.  At the end of November 2013 I started my 5th IVF. The second week in December I had my retrieval/transfer. Right before Christmas, I found out I was pregnant. Each week we went and each week the heartbeat was still there! I was praying and hoping we would make it to that 3 month mark and we did! Then on September 6, 2015 my beautiful daughter Brooklyn Hope was born. Happy and healthy she is the light of our lives.

My advice is don’t give up – There was something in my gut that said to keep going. Through all the tears, pain, anger, money, resentment and sadness, I just couldn’t stop trying.  I knew although it was hard, I hadn’t hit that point yet where I was willing to give up or go down another path. It was all worth it, all of it, to have what I have today, my amazing and beautiful daughter.”

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