Micro IVF at Sher Fertility Dallas

Why should I choose Micro IVF over IUI?

SIRM Dallas is proud to introduce Micro IVF. This fee represents a substantial reduction compared to to average IVF costs and is expected to yield about a 3 times greater chance of a baby per attempt than IUI. This packages are available to women under the age of 35 that meet certain other medical requirements. Please call our Dallas fertility clinic at 972-566-6686 to request more information on this plan and costs.

Micro-IVF is a gentle, low-stimulation form of IVF. Using Micro-IVF the ovaries of a woman are minimally stimulated, using low doses of gonadotropins, follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, in order to encourage the growth of a small cohort of eggs (some women though will still be high producers even with this low stimulation). Once mature, the eggs are retrieved and fertilized in the lab, and the resulting embryos are transferred back into the woman’s uterus.

Who should use Micro IVF?

This procedure is best utilized by women with a good ovarian reserve (who will produce a good number of eggs in response to even low amounts of stimulation) and is not suited for women with low ovarian reserve that require higher doses of medication.

What should I consider when using Micro-IVF vs. IUI?

  • The average birth rate with IUI is under 10% per cycle
  • Anticipated birth rate with Micro-IVF in the same population group would be about three times greater (at least 30% per cycle) than IUI
  • When measured in terms of the cost per baby rather than cost per cycle of treatment, Micro-IVF is far more efficient than IUI

Why is the cost of Micro IVF less than a conventional IVF treatment?

Micro-IVF is less expensive, primarily because you are using much less medication and we offer a discounted price as well. However, keep in mind that because you are producing fewer embryos, it is less likely that you will have excess embryos to freeze at the end of the cycle.

Micro-IVF Plan

The fees for our Micro-IVF plans include the following:

  • Full coordination with nurse and Dr. Walid Saleh
  • Ultrasound monitoring of follicle growth
  • Egg retrieval
  • Natural fertilization (no Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)) and embryo culture to the blastocyst stage
  • Ultrasound guided transfer of cleaved the embryo(s) on day 3 or blastocyst(s) on day 5 or 6
  • Anesthesia fee (anesthesiologist and anesthesia medications) is not included
  • Cryopreservation and storage of additional embryos is available but not included in this package

For more information on Micro IVF at Sher Fertility Dallas, fill out the form or call us at 972-566-6686.