Meet Sher Fertility Dallas Clinical Nurse Manager Heather Jackson

Sher Fertility Dallas's Heather Jackson.

Sher Fertility Dallas’s Heather Jackson.

Heather Jackson is the clinical nurse manager for Sher Fertility Dallas. A trusted resources for Dr. Walid Saleh, the office staff, and most importantly, the clinic’s patients, Heather took some time during her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her role at the clinic, and what makes her job so rewarding:

I became a clinical coordinator at Sher Fertility because … I struggled with infertility and wanted to help others in the same situation.
The hardest part of my job is … telling someone the cycle did not work and she is not pregnant
The most rewarding aspect of my job is … telling someone she is pregnant!  Also, getting to see the babies.
The question I get asked the most is … why do I have to take these shots and for how long???
The one thing I wish our patients understood better is …failure does happen, but please do not give up.
One little-know-fact about me is … besides having 3 beautiful children at home, I also have 4 dogs, a cat, and 7 chickens.

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