SIRM – NY Gave Us Hope

16 Sep

The Sher Fertility gave me hope through our IVF journey

My husband and I were told by one of the leading IVF doctors in the country that we would never conceive a baby. It was devastating news and we were ready to call it quits until we met our SIRM doctor. He read our medical history and said he was “ready to prove the other IVF doctor wrong.”  We decided to try “one more time” with SIRM New York. It was such an amazing experience. The care I received from the doctor and his staff was like no other.

At the larger facilities where I did my first IVF cycle, you are just a number. You rarely meet with the doctor and if you do it might not even be the doctor that you went to the facility for in the first place. That was my first IVF experience in another practice. There were times where I felt like mooing because I was treated like a head of cattle. Moving along from testing, to giving blood, to retrieval, and etc. The environment at the larger facilities took away my dignity. I already felt like a failure and a freak and being a patient at the other practice only reinforced those negative feelings.

Working with the Sher Institute was much different. It was like shopping at a boutique clothing store versus a major department store. Every employee at the Sher Institute cares about you. They understand that this is probably the most stressful time in your marriage and your life. They realize it is a sad time and do everything to make the experience bearable and comfortable. Going through IVF sucks regardless but it sucks less when you are working with people who truly care about every person who walks through their door. You don’t feel like an object or a part of science. You feel loved and cared for.

For example, every visit I had, I saw my doctor; he did every ultra-sound, he would return my phone calls, not a nurse. He was also the one who told me I was pregnant. He cared enough to email me throughout my pregnancy to see how I was feeling. He was involved even after his job was over.

Once you meet them you know you are in the right place. A doctor can get a high pregnancy ratio just by taking the easy cases. SIRM isn’t afraid to be creative and take the harder cases; the patients that many other doctors walked away from.

I went through IVF with SIRM in October 2005, and now I am watching my beautiful baby girl sleep contently next to me as I type this note. I look at every inch of her and feel so blessed to have ever found SIRM. They gave us hope and my husband and I changed from being a couple to having a family.

~ Linda

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