Baby Lili

30 Jan

Dr. Saleh Brings Baby Lili To the World

My husband, Jeff, and I had tried for 7 years to get pregnant including numerous rounds of IUI and one round of IVF with another doctor. Since I was 40 when I tried the IVF the first time, I was open to utilizing an egg donor but was talked out of it with my doctor. We really were struggling with whether we would even try again since I had such depression after the failed IVF. When I was 42, a relative who had heard of Sher Institute mentioned that we should give them a call. We were put at ease from our very first meeting with Dr. Saleh. We both appreciated his candid advice and decided to proceed with one last cycle of IVF utilizing an egg donor.

I felt very comfortable with my communications and interactions with the Dallas Sher Institute in all aspects. Dr. Saleh returned calls personally promptly to address our concerns and Karen, the office manager, was fabulous at holding our hand through the process. In the past, we were often given such optimistic reports that we were just that much more devastated when the processes didn’t work. Dr. Saleh, his nurses, his embryologist all gave us the straight facts so we were realistically prepared for the results. The genetic testing for the most viable eggs was also one of the best things we ever did. By doing so, we optimized our chances of carrying a pregnancy to full term and delivering a healthy child.

While we would have loved to have had even more than one child, we have since realized as older parents that it would have been difficult for us to give our attention and energy to more than one. As it was, since we did utilize an egg donor, quite a few of the concerns with the pregnancy of an older woman were avoided. No amnio, not the same worries regarding autism. In addition, as an older mother (which is considered high risk) I was afforded the luxury of numerous sonograms to monitor the baby’s development. I cannot overemphasize how much this puts our minds at ease regarding our little girl’s development.

Some would question the use of the donor egg. It was a difficult decision and one not brought about lightly. We did attempt to find someone who had general enough features that I could maybe not see something of myself but some similar qualities. In my experience, the child ends up looking like the husband anyway so I wasn’t overly concerned. Once I found out I was pregnant, I never once thought of the child as not mine. The bond between a child growing in the womb and the mother is unlike anything you will ever experience. It provides a new profound way to view the true miracle of becoming a mother.

My child, Lili, is now 3. She is healthy, smart, kind, and yes, she does look like my husband. However, everyone tells me she has my nose. She’s a “mama’s girl” and the greatest joy of my life. All the financial and emotional sacrifices we made to help bring her into our lives, was all worth it. I have already encouraged another woman in the same situation to pursue the same path which I travelled and would do the same again in any instance I am provided.

Jill & Jeff

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  • Gina says:

    I am a new bride and over forty years of age. Dr. Saleh, he gave me the same advice of using a donor egg because of my age. My husband and I are interested, but not certain where to search for an egg donor. Do you have any recommendations?

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