Ava Ryan, Libby Kate and Jack Lee

30 Jan
Fertility Success Story - Ava Ryan, Libby Kate and Jack Lee

Triplets by Dr. Saleh

My husband Jess and I began trying to start a family the day we got married May 10, 2008. Before this day I had a lot of trouble with endometriosis and an ectopic pregnancy. Laparascopies resulting 2 times. We were pregnant a month after our wedding and so happy. Unfortunately this ended as a miscarriage at 6 weeks. November 24th, 2008 we took another pregnancy test and found out we were pregnant again. 6 weeks again I found out at the emergency room it was another ectopic. This time it had ruptured one of my Fallopian tubes. So much heartache when your family and friends are succeeding with their pregnancies and your hopes begin to diminish.

In December we decided to see a fertility specialist…. Oh my, the tests that were run…!! They tested my husband’s sperm and found out that not only was there a low count but the mobility of the sperm was not moving as it should.. We tried one round of IUI and did not achieve a pregnancy and was then told that donor sperm/IVF was our best option. My husband absolutely did not want to do this. So… A year had passed without any pregnancies.

I found the Sher Institute online and we decided it was time to give this another try and a second opinion. We had to drive 2 hours one way just to see Dr. Saleh. Our first attempt at IVF was June 2010. We transferred two grade A embryos. This cycle failed without a pregnancy. Devastated, we decided to try one more time. On August 5, 2010 we transferred two grade A’s and 1 B… Yes 3!!!! I think even Dr. Saleh questioned our math abilities!! I just knew I was pregnant this time. I went to my local hospital to have bloodwork. I cannot remember the number of HCG level, but I remember “googling” the numbers online trying to figure out possibly how many babies we were pregnant with.

On August 26th we went in for an ultrasound and found 3 sacs, but one was quite a bit smaller. On 9/2 was the heartbeat ultrasound. 3 heartbeats!! We were absolutely shocked!! The first 4-5 months I was so sick. In and out of emergency rooms for dehydration. I knew there would be an end to the nausea and that the outcome of this would be more than words could describe. 40 pounds later and 30 weeks 6 days pregnant my obstetrician told I had an early stage of pre-eclampsia. The babies were delivered on 2-18-11. What a whirlwind of a day!! There they were! Tiny, tiny and precious babies. Baby A: Ava Ryan 2#14oz. Baby B: Libby Kate 2#5oz. Baby C: Jack Lee 3# They spent 5 weeks in the NICU but none of them had major complications and were sent home.

Today they are healthy 8 months old 17-18 pound babies!! So grateful for Dr. Saleh and his amazing, kind staff. Everyday I look at my children and know what a wonderful blessing god has given us. Yes, it took us a few years and struggles, but God does have a plan for each of us. I truly believe he had us wait for so long so that these 3 babies could come into this world and our hearts forever!!! Thank you for listening!! Good luck to all!!

 Ava, Jack, Libby at one year


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