Our Miracle – Treyson Alley

11 Jun

I was at home recovering from laparoscopy with my previous infertility doctor when I saw a commercial for Sher Institute on TV regarding their seminars. That moment, I jumped on their website and something told me that my husband and I had to attend! The following week we were listening to Dr. Saleh talk about natural killer cells and low ovarian reserve – terms that we had yet to hear after 8 years (and 4 infertility doctors) of being on this emotional infertility rollercoaster.

After the seminar, I was set to go back to my previous infertility doctor of my post-operative check up. He told us then he wasn’t sure where to go from here (after 3 years of being with him) and he couldn’t explain why I wasn’t pregnant. He asked me to come back in 3 months (after my global period from surgery was up) so that we could take a fresh look. I wasn’t having it.

At that point, in not so many words he had basically given up on us and wasn’t willing to dig deeper to help us. So we scheduled an evaluation with Dr. Saleh. I made sure Sher Institute had all of my medical records from all 4 doctors and failed cycles [4 IUI (2 with donor sperm) and 2 IVF] by the time our appointment came around; there was no time to waste.

Right away, Dr. Saleh pinpointed things that should have been addressed previously and tested me for natural killer cells and retested my FSH levels. Sure enough, I was positive for NKC and by now I was ovulating like a mid 40 year old.

My husband and I discussed having one more cycle of IVF before moving on to adoption but then we lost our IVF benefits due to layoffs at my husband’s company. After spending so much money over the last 8 years, we lost our hope of going through with Dr. Saleh. We just couldn’t afford it and still adopt if the cycle failed.

A year later my husband’s company offered his job back to him as well as his benefits! Ecstatic, we called the office and got an appointment set up and pleaded with Dr. Saleh to give us one last shot to have our own biological child – hoping for a boy to carry on the name. He carefully designed our IVF cycle, wrote up the medication order and referred me to an acupuncturist. We followed his instructions to a ‘T’. We went through the retrieval, transfer, 2 week wait and infusions. I managed to refrain from cheating and taking a home pregnancy test.

The day of the blood test, I told the office not to call me with the results that my husband was going to have to take that call! I was too terrified of getting the “I’m sorry, it didn’t take” phone call. Not again! The blood draw was at 8 a.m. Each hour passed, by 10:30 I told my husband to just come to my office if it was good news or call me if it was bad news. So when my phone rang at 12:10, my heart sunk and my eyes welled with tears. I answered by saying “we’re not pregnant, are we?” My husband said “no” – paused and then said “you are pregnant, we are having a baby!”

On October 5, 2011 we found out that we were finally pregnant. We were finally going to be parents.

On January 27, 2012 we found out that we were having a boy. The Alley name would continue!

On June 2, 2012, our son – Treyson James Alley was born at Medical City of Dallas at 2:09 a.m. weighing 6 lb. 12 oz. and 21 in. long and healthy!

Treyson Alley - 1 Yr Old
On June 2, 2013 we watched as our son turned 1 year old and tore up his Disney Cars birthday cake!

Treyson Alley - 1st Birthday

Words cannot describe the happiness that my husband and I feel now that we are a family. To see our son hit milestones makes us tear up every time!

Thank you Dr. Saleh! Thank you to all the staff at Sher Institute that kept us feeling positive and supported us with any and all questions that we had from the beginning. You are truly miracle workers!!

Danielle, Travis and Treyson Alley

Visit the Sher Fertility Dallas or Dr. Walid Saleh’s page to learn more about the practice and how we help patients with IVF treatments.

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