The Road to Twins

16 Dec
The Road to Twins

The Road to Twins
My wife Laura and I started this journey a few years ago. From the start, we had a feeling that it might be an adventure. We were correct. At the time, Laura was 35 and going on 36; we had worked with her OB on basic fertility treatments like Clomid. Once it was determined that the Clomid would not do the trick, we sought out a fertility specialist.

This stage of the process was where it became rocky. We started out with two IUI rounds. The doctor met with us on the first day and then at the end of the process. That was it. The process was very impersonal and left a lot to be desired. If we had questions, we had to ask the nurses. When the rounds of IUI didn’t work, it was determined that invitro fertilization would give us the best chance of starting our family. Ultimately, the round of in vitro fertilization didn’t work. The “bedside manner” of this fertility doctor and his staff left something to be desired. After we found out that the invitro did not work, we were abruptly told by the doctor that we shouldn’t try again. We were maxed out on amount of drugs, we would have the same results, and ultimately waste more money. The clinic never contacted us again. Out of sight. Out of mind.

Laura and I then decided to take some time away from the whole process and try to regroup and focus on our relationship. We spend the last 2 years experiencing continual heartache and it was time that we made ourselves right. As we built a house and purchased two Siberian Huskies, Laura heard an advertisement on the radio for a free seminar that the Sher Institute was conducting. She was excited and instantly wanted to attend. I, on the other hand, had become disillusioned by the whole fertility process from two years of disappointment.

Begrudgingly, I attended with my wife. There was something about this seminar that gave me hope. Although I had never met any of the presenters, I could tell that they legitimately care about their patients and wanted the best for them. Before the meeting, I was stubborn. Once my mind is made up, there’s no changing it. After the seminar, I have to admit that it definitely changed and we could not wait to make an appointment with Dr. Saleh.

From the onset of our first appointment with Dr. Saleh, I knew that this time the process was going to be very different. He went through my wife’s medical files from the last doctor and instantly noticed where things were omitted (or ignored) by the other physician and where things could be improved. Dr. Saleh went on to explain that he would see us whenever we were in the office and he would always be available for questions. This was a great relief for us after what we went through with our last doctor. We felt completely at ease during the entire invitro fertilization process and not surprisingly had results that were hands and fists above what we previously experienced. The best results were our twin daughters.

During the journey that we experienced, it became clear that hope was a key component. Without hope, you and everyone else are simply going through the motions. The Sher Institute gave us that much-needed hope. I pray that others can experience that same hope that Dr. Saleh and his team gave us and that they have a wonderful experience at the Sher Institute.
~Ben & Laura,

Visit the Sher Fertility Dallas or Dr. Walid Saleh’s page to learn more about the practice and how we help patients with IVF treatments.

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