We Will Forever Be Grateful

27 Jan
Fertility Success Story - Becki Goss Shepherd

In 2010 we were at the end of our rope. We had spent countless hours in waiting rooms, thousands of dollars on wasteful procedures and drained our bank of tears. We had been struggling with infertility for five long years. We had seen a specialist in Austin that we felt had taken advantage of us in more ways than one and felt like fertility treatments were a racket. We were angry, confused and hurt.

One night over dinner a friend told us we needed to call Dr. Saleh of the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Dallas. They had recently given birth to twins thanks to Dr. Saleh and his team. We were so distraught after our last two cycles with the other clinic had failed, that we waited almost a year before taking the plunge and making our first appointment.

We met with Dr. Saleh and it changed our lives. He explained every step of my medical history and why we were not getting pregnant. He explained possible routes we could take and how each one might be more beneficial than the next. Each appointment was easy and they made it very comfortable for us. We trusted them, not only because our friends had become pregnant, but because they were cutting edge.

The office was simple. No unnecessary bells or whistles. Dr. Saleh was incredible. His bedside manner was compassionate and not fake. Something we needed desperately in a time where hope was all we had. On the day of transfer we only had three eggs. One was of excellent quality, one was good and one was just okay….but not strong enough to make it to freeze. We decided to implant three.

On day eight, we cheated and took a home pregnancy test. There was a faint line! We simply couldn’t believe it. It was the day after Thanksgiving and we had so much to be thankful for. We saw Dr. Saleh on day 10 and took our blood test confirming that we were indeed pregnant. Two weeks later we saw on the ultrasound that we had twins! Two weeks later, it was confirmed that we in fact had triplets!
Our triplets were born on May 27th. After a brief time in the NICU they are all home and thriving. We will forever be grateful in our hearts for the work of the SHER Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Saleh and Heather Jackson for giving us the gift of life…times 3!


Visit the Sher Fertility Dallas or Dr. Walid Saleh’s page to learn more about the practice and how we help patients with IVF treatments.

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