You can’t reserve baby names

19 Dec
Mary Roberts Blog

Caleb David ? Yeah it sounded beautiful and perfect 3 years ago when we first thought of it, but now every other kid you meet is named Caleb!

Oh and Danica! Yes!!! We felt certain we wanted our little baby girl to be named Danica Lynn and we would call her Danny Lynn for short! But than the neighbor popped out a beautiful little Danica and with a name as unique as that, well we didn’t want two Danny’s on the same block!

And Cole! We love the name Cole. In fact, Cole was the very first name we came up with, before we even knew we had infertility problems four years ago. It was Cole and Dakoda. Every time we sat at a bar and did a shot, we would toast and whisper to each other, “Cheers, to Dakoda & Cole” and now years later, we still toast to baby names in deep hope and desperation. But time went on, and things changed… We kept on trying, while everyone else kept succeeding …

And we can’t “reserve baby names” any more, or can we? Gabriel for a baby was our latest decision! What a beautiful baby boy name, we would call him Gabe for short. I came across it one day in church while looking through the bible. It just clicked, “Gabriel David Roberts”. And while we liked Cole, it just rhymed too much with Joel (my husband’s name)… And so decision was made right around the time we started talking adoption. But now my sister in law is expecting a little baby boy in May, and she unknowingly mentioned to us that her and my brother put the name Gabriel high up on their list.

Well, this is what inspired me to write this blog. It’s not fair, I can’t “reserve” baby names. That’s the truth! Plus, they should name my little nephew Gabriel because when I was in first grade I was diagnosed with a speech impediment and I really have to concentrate before I let that name roll off my tongue (it’s actually kinda funny because I love the name, I just have a difficult time pronouncing it). And so let it be fate … our little nephew Gabe will be joining this world shortly, and we’re so excited to meet him!

And in conclusion to today’s blog I would like to say there is one name that I will never share (only very close friends & family know it) for our little girl. Its beautiful, its short, its simple, its timeless, and we know of no other girl named it. And we will never share it either! And even if Cole rhymes with Joel, and even if its our cousin’s dogs name, it’s still at the top of our list for boys, for now.

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