I’m back. Was taking a break – but break over.

19 Feb
Mary Roberts Blog

If your anything like me, than you have been through a lot. You tried, you hoped, you prayed, you wished, you loved, you lost.

But even after everything, I feel like I finally reached a point I never thought I would. The point where you just feel numb inside. The point where you accept what is, and you dismiss, what is not.

I expect the feeling of reality will come and haunt me again, you know.. the feeling that I want, I desire, I plead, I dream, I need, I love .. and I can not have. But for now, I’m twenty-fucking-seven and I want my youth back. I’m newly wed, going on three wonderful challenging years of marriage, and I’m exhausted.

But PS. for anybody that wants to inquire, “Why don’t you just adopt?” …Stay tuned, I have a lot to say about it…


  • Angela says:

    I have read Cheap wine, Writers Block and this one…but I’m still not sure where you are at now. Have you made final decisions about pursuing adoption or not?
    In Australia, it is almost impossible to adopt because they have just about shut down the industry here. It is not even an option for me.
    I am 31, single, and infertile (on my own). I’ve done 2 fresh and 2 frozen rounds of IVF and had 2 early pregnancy losses. It shred my heart to pieces what I’ve been through this year when ALL I want is to be a Mother.
    I do not think I can live without it, to be honest.
    So I am still going to do more IVF treatment but I hope ‘God’ doesn’t just laugh at my plans and spit on my dreams like so far.
    The feelings of sorrow go so deep they become like molten rock…cold, numb, unfeeling rock that you carry around with you day after day.
    I understand some of your sorrow.
    Much love xooxoox

    • Geoffrey Sher says:

      My heart goes out to you Angela,

      However, I urge you to pause and not proceed to the next IVF until there is an explanation as to why nyou have repeatedly failed. At 31Y that should not happen without a potentially remediable cause. Possibly and implantation dysfunction (anatomical or immunologic).

      1. “An Individualized Approach to Ovarian stimulation” (posted on November 22nd, 2010)

      2. “Ovarian Stimulation for IVF: The Most important Determinant of Outcome! (November 18th 2013)”

      3. “Agonist/Antagonist Conversion Protocol”

      4.“A personalized, stepwise approach to IVF at SIRM”; Parts 1 & 2 (posted March, 2012)

      5. “IVF success: Factors that influence outcome”

      6. “Use of the Birth Control Pill in IVF”

      Consider calling 702-699-7437 to arrange a Skype with me so we can discuss your case in detail.

      Finally, perhaps you would be interested in accessing my new book (recently released). It is the 4th edition (and a re-write) of “In Vitro Fertilization, the ART of Making Babies”. The book is available through “Amazon.com” as a down-load or in book form. It can also be obtained from most bookstores.

      May 2014 bring you the joy you seek!

      G-d bless!

      Geoff Sher

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