How much does gestational surrogacy cost?

When undergoing IVF with Gestational Surrogacy, there are many cost factors to be considered. If using a surrogacy agency, there is the compensation cost for the surrogate, which is generally negotiated between the intended parents and the agency. Costs can range from $20,000-$50,000 for the surrogate’s baseline compensation.

In addition, there are typically a wide range of fees including the donor agency fee, which can add another $15,000, insurance, medical fees for care and delivery, additional compensation for multiple gestations, legal fees, and psychological screening fees. Add to this the cost of the IVF treatment and medications, and total surrogacy costs can climb above $100,000.

Using a “known surrogate” such as a friend or family member can substantially decrease costs, but generally still involves extensive legal and medical fees as well as the cost of the IVF procedure. If donor eggs are required, this can also add substantial cost to the process.