SIRM offers a full range of infertility diagnosis and testing as well as infertility treatment services.  You’ll find a list on the left side of this page. If you aren’t sure where to begin, and are asking “Do I need fertility treatment?,” we can help you get oriented and develop a plan.

Many couples assume that infertility is mostly a female problem. In reality, it is evenly divided between male and female issues – at about 35-40% each. The remaining 20% of cases are either unexplained, or a combination of male and female factors ( Sher Fertility Institute can help you determine the cause of your fertility issues and develop a treatment plan.

There are a number of basic fertility tests that can be done on the male and female partner to evaluate fertility potential and to determine whether additional testing is needed. The first step in a general infertility evaluation is to set up a consultation with a Sher Fertility physician. This can be done by filling out a consultation request found at the top right on this page, or by calling one of our offices directly.

During your consultation, your Sher Institute fertility doctor will review your medical and prior fertility treatment history, and determine if you need additional infertility testing.  From there, he/she will develop a step by step plan for treating your infertility and helping you achieve your goal of starting a family. If you have been trying to conceive for longer than a year (6 months if you’re over 35), you should contact a fertility specialist for an evaluation ASAP.