Sher Infertility Blogs and Fertility Resources

IVF Authority 

With posts written on a weekly basis by SIRM founder and Executive Medical Director Geoffrey Sher, MD, IVF Authority is packed with detailed information about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of infertility. Dr. Sher details actual patient case studies, covers frequently asked questions, and gives updates and opinions on emerging technologies and treatments. Read More

SIRM Doctor Blogs

All SIRM doctors have blogs where they post articles and information to assist you on your journey from infertility to family. To view the SIRM Physician blogs Click Here.

“The Heartbeat of IVF” – Nurse Linda’s Blog

Linda is the Executive Clinical Manager for SIRM and Dr. Sher’s “right hand” in SIRM’s Las Vegas fertility clinic.  Her extensive experience and insights, which come from working intimately with patients on a daily basis, are the core of her blog. Her straightforward, insightful, and often humorous posts reflect the heart of the IVF experience. Read More

Dr. Saleh of Dallas Fertility Center

Dr. Walid Saleh answers questions, and gives in-depth updates in reproductive medicine and fertility treatment here in his blog. Read More

“IVF in the Trenches” – Patient Blogs

Honest and uncensored guest posts written by IVF patients about their infertility experiences, successes, frustrations, failures, and heartbreaks.