Micro IVF – An Affordable and Successful Alternative to IUI

14 May
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Is Micro IVF Right For Me?

There has been a lot of buzz in the media lately about what is known as “Mini IVF“. Some practices have even made these cycles the mainstay of their business. On the surface, an IVF cycle for such a reduced price is very appealing. But let’s focus for a minute on the cost of a baby rather than just the cost of an IVF cycle. In an effort to keep the cost low, these “mini-IVF” cycles are generally performed using oral medications such as Clomid, rather than expensive (but more effective) injectable fertility agents (gonadotropins). As a result, they typically produce birth rates per cycle of at best 15-20% per attempt.

We recently introduced an IVF package that we call Micro IVF which differs from “Minimal Stimulation IVF” in that it involves the use of injectable gonadotropins which are far more effective than Clomid. Micro-IVF represents a scaled-down IVF treatment cycle that includes all the fundamental steps of the IVF process. When used in younger women (under 35 years) and in the absence of male infertility, it is likely to yield better than a 30% birth rate success rate per IVF cycle. This is about twice as effective as “Mini-IVF” and about three times as successful as a cycle of intrauterine insemination (IUI). Again, when viewed in terms of the cost of a baby rather than the cost of treatment, “Micro-IVF” becomes a much more efficient approach.

In reality, Micro-IVF was devised to serve women who otherwise might be regarded as candidates for IUI treatments.  Micro IVF is offered at select SIRM offices only. Please check with your preferred Sher Fertility office to see if Micro IVF is available there.

Few people recognize that IUI is relatively unsuccessful in women over 35 (and it gets progressively worse after age 40). This is also the case with moderate to severe male infertility, endometriosis (regardless of its severity), and in women (of any age) who have diminished ovarian reserve. In all such cases IVF is far more likely to succeed.


  • Cathryn Chaidez says:

    Hello Dr. Sher,
    I am 25 y/o, no medical problems
    I have one child I conceived naturally
    I have my tubes tied and I would like to know if you think the micro IVF would be a good choice for me or what options i would have as i do not wish to reverse my tubal ligation

    • Geoffrey Sher says:

      Absolutely Cathryn. Micro-IVF is tailor made for people like you.

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      Consider calling 800-780-7437 or 702-699-7437 to arrange a Skype with me so we can discuss your case in detail.

      Finally, perhaps you would be interested in accessing my new book (recently released). It is the 4th edition (and a re-write) of “In Vitro Fertilization: The ART of Making Babies”. The book is available through “Amazon.com” as a down-load or in book form. It can also be obtained from most bookstores.