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Get to know who we are, learn how patients feel about us, ask our doctors a question, get updates on news, upcoming events and donations.  We make it easy to connect with our doctors and with other people in our community through social media, blogs, videos by our doctors. Read more below and join our online community!

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We are proud to have an amazing Facebook community, where thousands of people come together, bound by common experiences and common aspirations. It is one of the most active pages in the infertility space, where you’ll find an empathetic and supportive community that interacts and shares both successes, frustrations, disappointments, encouragement and even humor.  The people are what really make the community special.  Visit our Facebook page and become a part of this amazing community.

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You can also stay connected with our doctors who hold occasional live webinars on various infertility topics with live Q&A. Watch webinars.

Additionally, we’ve donated more than 50 IVF cycles at our educational seminars over the past few years across all fertility clinics. Check to see if a seminar is near you here.

Our own Nurse Linda answers questions from patients in her blog as well as does concise and helpful IVF injection videos for all stages of IVF treatments.

Sher Fertility Physicians’ Blogs and Dr. Sher’s IVF Authority Blog

Sher Physician Blog LinkOne of the foundations of our practice is education.  The philosophy of our doctors is that we are here to provide information and guide you so that you can make the best informed decisions for your own situation. Dr. Sher’s IVF Authority Blog is exactly that, an authority. The blog has earned that status through the active and thorough participation of Dr. Geoffrey Sher, our founder. Dr. Sher is tireless in his efforts to advance the science and success of fertility treatment, and our patients enjoy not only his clinical expertise, but also his insights posted on his blog. Our other physicians blog, as well. You can see their physician blogs here, or visit IVF Authority and Dr. Saleh’s Dallas Fertility ABC’s of IVF.

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Our team creates informational and even inspirational videos for those interested in learning more about fertility, and how to manage their fertility processes. From injection instructions to success stories, view our videos on our YouTube channel here.