“I Believe” Video Contest Entries

29 Nov

Here are the entries to date in our “I Believe” Video Contest. You’ll be able to vote for your favorite beginning Tuesday, December 11.

Jessica and Derek Cook

Cassie and Jeremy Butters

Mary and John Clement

Jennifer and Billy Smith

The Whiteleys

Efrain and Alex Perez

Kristy and Rich Erwin

Lisa and Andy Bailey

Lauren and Sean Condon

Carlo and Rosa Stresino

Jessica and Charles Biegley

Travis and Rebecca Broadbent

Jeff and Stephanie Hendrix

Adam and Jessica Burton

Ashton and Nichole Patterson

Zoe and Ryan Luke

Samantha and Justin Hurst

Emily and Ryan Slavens

Jillian and Charles Hayes

Kelli and Jacob Turner

Donna and Bobby Franco

Brent and Melissa Davis

Jeff and Gina Katz

Tiffany and Adam Pauley

Eloisa and Matthew Romero

Ryan and Nikie Limkeman

Katrina and Eric

Sarah and Mike Dement

Jessica and Robert Thurston

Ryan and Lindsay Swigart

Kraig and Danette Kohls

Derek and Emily Jobson

Stacie and Milton

Dustin and Ashley Bryant

Steven and Chey

Dina and Pete Sorrentino

Tiffany and Jodie Webb

Sara and Joe Buchanan

Debbie and Jeff Lee

Jacob and Maureen Henson

Justin and Erica Saunders

Scott and Amber Earl

Joshua and Jennifer Cook

Jim and Roxie Isenegger

Darren and Melissa MacGown

Shawn and Alecia

Kyle and Amanda Sandt

Nathan and Sara Drew

Becky and Dereck

Leysa and David

Kelly and Sean LaBlanc

The Mack Family

Jaime and Brian Ramthun

Matthew and Emily Scott

Christine & Harold Watson

Alex and Andrea Mortimore

David and Shannon Hinds

Rachael Smith Trovillion

Jake and Leslie Barr

Marcie and Chris Still

Mark and Jodi

Dave and Julie Callaway

Mark and Jennifer Moulton

Jay and Dawn David

Darla and Michael Mills

Crystal and Scott Thomas

Chad and Kendra Connor

Chris and Denelle Tull

Colin and Nikki Berdzar

Deirdre and Simon

Linda and Gabriel Montadaro

Phil and Jamie Gold

Africa and Keith Washington

Ronald and Whitney Long

Jamie and Anthony Penna

Shykima and Anthony

Paul and Charmine Dickerson

Jennifer and Chris Popp

Tim and Jessica Simpson

Debbie and Mark Reed

Anthony and Ivanka

Scott and Angel Gerould


Rachel and Stephen Hakel

Irene Barallon

Kim and Al Billhartz

Thomas and Sarah Friend

Billy and Janette Gergel

Tanya and David Bisset

Mike and Jennifer Koch

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