Traveling to Sher St. Louis for IVF Treatment

Sher Fertility St. Louis patients come from all over the country. In setting up the initial consultation, we offer in-person, phone or Skype appointments. At the time your consultation is scheduled, we will provide you with the names and phone numbers of hotels that we work with in St. Louis that provide special rates for Sher Institute patients.

Meet with Dr. Dayal

If you travel to St. Louis for your consultation, you will meet with Dr. Dayal, after which we will have you meet with a financial coordinator to discuss financial options. You will also meet with a nurse coordinator that will be your contact person throughout your treatment. At this point, we will get you started on lab work and other tests immediately. For phone and Skype consultations, we schedule a financial consultation as well as a call with your nurse coordinator to review your chart and calendar. We also set up a schedule for initial blood tests, ultrasounds, etc. at a location convenient to where you live. Our nurses can also handle the ordering of your medications if you prefer.

Getting the Process Started

Patients begin their medications several weeks prior to traveling to SIRM-St. Louis. Your first day in the SIRM office (normally a Monday), will be day 9 of your cycle and you will be scheduled for ultrasounds to monitor the progress of your ovarian follicles. After your first ultrasound, you’ll meet with your nurse coordinator to review medications, questions, next steps, etc. Based on the results of your ultrasound, the office will either schedule another ultrasound for some time in the next few days, or schedule your egg retrieval.

Upon completing egg retrieval, the male partner will give his semen sample, and the eggs will be fertilized and incubated in the embryology lab.

Your embryo transfer will be scheduled for approximately five days after the egg retrieval, after which, you will be able to return home. Approximately, 8 days after the embryo transfer, you will undergo your first beta hCG (pregnancy) test, usually followed by another 48 hours later. This will confirm the results of your IVF cycle. If the results are positive, you would then schedule an OB ultrasound for several weeks later to confirm a heartbeat.

We Treat You Like Family

Because St. Louis is a great place for other activities and attractions while you are here, the team at Sher St. Louis are happy to provide you with information on places you can visit while here such as the Gateway Arch, St. Louis Zoo, Cardinals, Rams, and Blues games, museums, restaurants, shopping, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!