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06 May

Nurse Linda on IVF, Fertility and Much More

Welcome to the “Ask Nurse Linda” video blog. This is a place for you to ask those questions that keep you up at night, all those things that can cause you so much worry, but really don’t need to. The more you learn and understand about what goes on in your ivf cycle, the much better you will feel, and the more control you will have (and therefore, less stress, hopefully!) This video blog is about us talking through things, learning and teaching about infertility issues. The infertility topics are whatever you want them to be. I, Nurse Linda, create infertility videos with details about cycles, expectations, relationships, future steps, etc. I won’t be giving “medical advice” as that is the responsibility of your physician, but we’ll walk around these areas and I’ll share what 15 years in the infertility field has shown me. I’ve talked many of my patients “off the ledge” and now I want to extend this to those that may not sit across from me.

Please feel free to submit your questions, concerns, or ideas for my next video blog to I will use your ideas for upcoming YouTube segments. I look forward to hearing from you and hope I can provide you with some useful insights!
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– Nurse Linda

Intro to Nurse Linda’s Video Blog

Meet Nurse Linda on her official video series! This is a platform for patients by patients. She will be speaking about patient questions and personal experiences she has seen through her years of IVF. Her main goal is to help patients understand more about IVF in general. Email your topics to Nurse Linda

The IVF Egg Retrieval: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Nurse Linda goes into depth about the IVF egg retrieval process and what to expect before, during, and after plus more egg retrieval information for patients. Do not eat or drink the day before your retrieval due to Anesthesia during the procedure. The process of retrieval takes about 15-30 minutes total once undergoing the procedure day of. There are varied symptoms after egg retrieval and Nurse Linda explains the symptoms.

Optimizing Embryo Transfer & The “2-Week Wait”

Nurse Linda offers insight about what to do during the dreaded “2-Week Wait” period and her best advice on optimizing embryo transfers.

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