IVF Success with Dr. Severino of Sher Fertility Las Vegas

13 Jul

Since joining Sher Fertility Las Vegas, Dr. Mark Severino has quickly become a trusted resource for our patients. The following is from a patient of his, that shows a little more about what makes Dr. Severino so special:

My husband Mark and I spent a year trying for a child.  At that time I was 39 and he was 32 and decided to see my regular OB/GYN to run some tests to determine the reason why we could not get pregnant.  It resulted I had blocked tubes and my doctor referred me to Dr. Severino. At first the idea of IVF was daunting since we have many friends who went through IVF and their experience seemed overwhelming but we decided to proceed with this avenue.

Our first consultation with Dr. Severino went really well as I appreciated his straight forward information and his interpretation of my medical results from my OB/GYN. He also explained the IVF process and what needed to be done before the actual IVF.  We appreciated his detailed information, step by step process, and reassurance that he will be with us every step of the way.  He also told us if there are any questions to call him directly since he would rather address the issue first hand rather than going to a messenger.

Once the IVF process started, Dr. Severino conducted all scans personally where as other facilities my friends went they would have a lab technician perform the scans. Dr. Severino was very prompt with all his appointment and did not keep us there long because he understood my husband and I are working professionals.  He would show us the ultrasound on screen and explained what we were seeing.

Fast forward to the day that we found out that out of the 6 fertilized embryos, 5 were no good due to chromosome abnormality which left one that showed no results.  I was in tears as my husband tried to console me hoping we would have more embryos incase the first attempt for implantation did not work.  Dr. Severino reassured that all it takes was 1 fertilized embryo for conception and he reassured that everything was going to be alright.  He was empathetic to the emotional swings I was having at that moment but he kept encouraging that we still have to go for it and keep hoping for the best.

14 days later, we found out the one and only embryo took and we got pregnant … on our first IVF attempt! we were so elated with joy and Dr. Severino congratulated us.  We continued to see him for the first trimester and that everything looked good and was released.

Overall we love Dr. Severino.  He is direct, informative, knowledgeable and knows the best and most efficient way to move through the IVF procedure with little to no pain or hassle.  Most of all, he opened up all avenues of communications with us and encouraged us to call him anytime if we have any questions and doubts.  To this date … over a year since our first initial consultation with Dr. Severino, we have remained great friends and have kept in touch with him.  He is a wonderful person and we recommend any IVF patients to Dr. Severino.

Elyn Schock

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The Schock family.