Choosing an IVF Doctor

The team at Sher New Jersey understands that for patients choosing an IVF doctor is one of the important decisions they’ll make. Patients need a doctor they can count on to not only deliver the finest medical care possible, but also make they feel comfortable during the process. With that in mind, we’re sharing some factors to consider when selecting your IVF doctor.

For couples/individuals considering IVF, the choice of a doctor can be a pivotal factor in their IVF experience. Selecting the right doctor can not only improve a patient’s odds of conceiving, but can make a world of difference in their overall treatment experience.

Infertility and IVF are stressful experiences to begin with. Choosing a Reproductive Endocrinologist that is compassionate and understanding, as well as skilled and competent can help ease the stress of the entire process.

Ask Questions
Your doctor should be willing to answer all your questions without acting put off or impatient. Remember that you are paying for treatment and deserve kindness and respect. You have many options when it comes to fertility doctors, so you should feel comfortable and confident with yours.

Get Recommendations
Asking for recommendations from family and friends, as well as through social media sites can be a great resource for finding a fertility specialist. There are a variety of discussion boards, social media pages, forums, and websites where communities of fertility patients gather to exchange information, reviews, and feedback. These are great forums for the exchange of ideas and information. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or for feedback on a particular doctor.

State-of-the-Art Science
Does the doctor/clinic you’re considering have a commitment to staying on the leading edge of science and technology? Infertility is an evolving field, and takes constant education and research for doctors to stay abreast of breakthroughs and new treatment options.

Large or Small?
Another variable to consider is the size of the practice. Larger clinics have a tendency to perform more IVF cycles per month, and therefore, they tend to be more crowded, have longer wait times, and less doctor/patient contact. The upside of this is that the larger clinics typically (but not always) have better reputations and draw more patients for this reason. The downside is the “cattle call” feel that many patients describe after being treated at many of the larger practices.

Get a Second Opinion
If you’re considering moving to a new doctor, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion, or even to walk away from your current doctor. Remember, this is YOUR treatment and your life, so you shouldn’t stay with a doctor that you aren’t comfortable and confident with. You should ask yourself whether you are willing to continue on the same path to avoid hurting the feelings of your current doctor and clinic.

Does it Feel Right?
Finally, and above all, trust your gut! When you find the right doctor, you will intuitively feel that you are in the right place with the right doctor. This can make all the difference in your treatment experience!