Sher Fertility St. Louis Helps Couple Overcome Male Factor Infertility and Ovulation Challenges

Miranda and Jason wanted to have children shortly after getting married, but were having challenges related to male factor infertility. They visited Dr. Molina Dayal at Sher Fertility St. Louis,, who was able to help them. The result was two beautiful twin babies.

Here is their story:
“After dating for 7 years my husband and I were finally married in October 2010. We were looking forward to staring a new chapter of our lives. This new chapter we both knew would include at least one child(many more if you ask me). After a few years of trying with no luck we were referred to the Sher St. Louis.

On my way home from my first appointment with Dr. Molina Dayal I called my husband to tell him all about our conversation. Dr. Dayal had seemed so positive and so proactive. She was my kind of Doctor. After the initial tests we were told that my husband had low sperm count and low motility. I was not helping the situation either. I didn’t ovulate regularly. The combination of our issues did not make getting pregnant easy.

We started our first round of IVF in July of 2013. I had no idea how much work IVF is for both partners involved. It was mentally and physically exhausting. We kept thinking about how wonderful the end result would be. When we were told that our embryos from this round of treatments did not survive we were devastated. We were told to wait a few months before trying again.

We started our second round in October of 2013. This round was equally exhausting as the first. Only this time we continued to get good news after good news. Not only were we pregnant we were having TWINS. I will forever be thankful to the entire staff at the Sher Institute for truly making our dreams come true.

I gave birth to my little boy and little girl in July of 2014.”

Thank you!


Sher Fertility St. Louis Success Story

Miranda and Jason on their wedding day!

Sher Fertility St. Louis Success Story

Miranda and Jason’s beautiful baby twins!