Dr. Peters Delivers Successful IVF Baby for Brenda

The team at every Sher Fertility clinic always appreciate hearing from patients. We love to share their successes, and keep them encouraged when they face challenges. Dr. Albert Peters and team at Sher Fertility New Jersey, recently received the following letter from a patient – along with photos – that they wanted to share.

“Our Family’s Journey – My journey began over 3 years ago when my husband of 6 months and I decided to try to have our 1st child together. I had waited my whole life to become a mother and with a stable career and a loving husband and family it was the perfect time to enter the motherhood phase of my life. Without wanting to waste any time, I did my research and decided that I would make an appointment with Dr. Peters at NJ SIRM, in October of 2012. From the moment I met with Dr. Peters and his staff they were very informative and comforting as I began to learn what my fertility journey would entail. Dr. Peters always took the time to explain information to me in detail and answer all of my many questions. In the beginning, my fertility process included 3 failed IUI attempts. Although very disappointed each time I knew that only IVF would provide me with my best chance of becoming a mother.

During my treatment with Dr. Peters at NJ SIRM I also discovered that I had hypothyroidism and several uterine fibroids, which ultimately were affecting my ability to become pregnant. Armed with all of my health information Dr. Peters outlined an IVF treatment plan for me and also suggested that I consider accompanying the plan with reproductive acupuncture. Nurse Jennifer Giancamilli was great in teaching me how to administer the medications and how to best inject myself – something I didn’t realize that I would be doing so much of. Her patience and humor always put a smile on my face while I was going through this difficult process. In fact, each of the staff at SIRM had a positive impact on me and helped to lighten my spirits as I continued through 3 unsuccessful IVF attempts. At this point our options were really becoming limited and our resources were becoming more and more restricted. Throughout all of my failed attempts Dr. Peters and Nurse Jennifer always remained cautiously optimistic and very supportive. Our new plan included modifying my medications, freezing my eggs and getting a myomectomy to remove a fibroid that had grown significantly over the last year.

After my February 2014 myomectomy I became pregnant! I was so thrilled but unfortunately the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage 6 weeks later. While that was the saddest and the most difficult experience of my entire life it gave me hope that my body could become pregnant and thus my husband and I set out for 1 additional IVF cycle. I prepared myself as best and I could, following the outlined treatment regimen, very carefully, while also going to all of my acupuncture appointments to make sure that my body was in the best shape possible for what I was hoping would be a pregnancy.

The September after fully recovering from both my myomectomy and the miscarriage we transferred two 5-day embryos with a lot of optimism and faith. Again Dr. Peters and Nurse Jennifer were “cautiously optimistic” and very compassionate. My husband and I were so nervous as we knew that this could very well be my last attempt at motherhood.

On September 15th, after waiting the long 12 days after “Transfer Day” we found out that we were pregnant. My husband and I were so excited but also cautious about broadcasting our wonderful news because we knew that the 1st 3 months were a delicate time period during pregnancy. Dr. Peters and the staff at NJ SIRM were so very happy for my husband and I and we were so grateful to have selected such an exceptional team of professionals to guide us through this long and difficult fertility journey that lasted over 3 yrs.

As I sit here writing what I already consider to be a great success story I am recalling the easy 8 ½ months of pregnancy that I’ve experienced and feel so grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity. Tomorrow is my scheduled cesarean section to deliver our precious little girl and words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Peters, Nurse Jennifer Giancamilli, Traci, Sophia, Christine and all of the staff at NJ SIRM. I would, undoubtedly, fully recommend any woman or couple to place their parenthood dreams in the hands of NJ SIRM under the leadership of Dr. Albert Peters. I am looking forward to the day when I can bring my precious little angel to meet all of them.”


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Brenda is a patient of Dr. Albert Peters at Sher Fertility New Jersey DSC_0006