Couple Has Daughter With Help From Sher Fertility New Jersey

Baby Isabella!

Baby Isabella!

My name is Jennifer and I was in October 2013 IVF cycle. On June 30th 2014, my husband David and I welcomed a beautiful 6lb.11oz. baby girl named Isabella.

My pregnancy while high risk, was wonderful! She grew at a perfect rate had great movement and a strong heartbeat all throughout. I can not put into words how much absolute joy and happiness she has brought to us and how much love we have for her.

We never thought we would be able to experience the joy of being parents due to our fertility issues but thanks to Dr. Albert Peters, and the rest of the staff at Sher Fertility New Jersey we have this amazing little girl that is everything we dreamed and more. For 8 years we had tried and failed over and over and suffered 2 devastating loses. I became withdrawn from friends with children and cried with sadness when I should have been crying tears of joy when a close family member or friend announced a pregnancy. What you guys do is absolutely beautiful.

Having fertility problems devastated me for eight years because I always knew I was meant to be a mother and I wanted to be one more than anything else.  Thank you so much for giving me what I thought I could never have and for taking away all the sadness and despair I thought would be with me forever.

You all are so amazing and I am forever grateful to Sher Fertility New Jersey for making our life whole.

Jennifer & David

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