Sher Central Illinois Patient Has Baby Girl Through Help of Embryo Donor

We asked our Facebook audience if they could share experiences about using embryo donors. Paula, a patient of Sher Fertility Central Illinois, was kind enough to share a response (along with some great photos of her beautiful daughter, Bailey). We hope her inspirational story helps others interested in learning more about options with embryo donors.

“The Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.” Deuteronomy 20:4

Hello! Paula here from Facebook. We had success with an embryo donor. In fact, there is a woman I work with who walked with me through the process. She had a donor also a few years earlier and ended up with twins. We actually did not use a donor bank as we could not financially afford it. A ‘friend of a friend’ heard our story, prayed about it, and volunteered. I was very hesitant using someone we somewhat knew, mainly because I knew how much of a sacrifice they would be making with all the hormones etc. I thought if I didn’t know the person at all, I wouldn’t have that attachment. I guess cause going through a registry there was financial compensation, whereas with our donor, it was more of a gift. After much prayer on both ends, we proceeded. She was very generous and she actually ran into some medical issues after the retrieval (hyper stimulation and ended up in the ER). I felt horrible when she told me which was later, because she didn’t want me to know at first. I was reassured by her because she felt it was worth it for us to have a baby. There was definitely some spiritual growth on both ends!!

I had reached the point of being quite bitter with God after our first two failed IVFs. The dr had told us that my eggs were pretty much all bad, so instead of putting my body, our emotions, and finances through the ringer of more IVFs, we would either have to use a donor or adopt. We were not ready for adoption, and honestly, we took a ‘trying to get pregnant’ break for two years. Our marriage nearly ended, not so much because we couldn’t have kids, but because we were grieving our loss. Instead of drawing us closer, it put a wedge between us. I felt guilty because it was my body and I didn’t acknowledge his own feelings of loss. Needless to say, we didn’t divorce (but had a date set and everything!) and God healed us so we could move forward. Our donor not only gave us the gift of our adorable baby girl Bailey, she also showed us God’s love through her sacrifice.

Thank you,

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Baby Bailey having fun in the tub!


Bailey with her proud parents!