Research Leads Patient to Sher Fertility’s Dr. Jeff Wang

The following was shared with regarding how a couple’s long search for the right doctor lead them to Dr. Jeff Wang.

“There are not enough words in the dictionary to help me express how I feel about Dr. Jeff Wang!

With my older age of 40, with my severe diminished ovarian reserve and almost non-existing egg supply, I knew it would be very hard to find somebody willing to work with me, to have the patience and knowledge how to customize protocols on the go and help us achieve a healthy pregnancy.

It took quite some time to find Dr. Wang. The research I did online and on the infertility forums lead me to think that he would be the best option and last stop for us. After hearing the donor egg speech from multiple well known clinics on the East Coast, and after seeing few reproductive endocrinologists lifting up their shoulders not knowing what else to suggest, I decided to take the matter in my own hands and find the doctor who would be able to help me achieve our dream of becoming parents.

Working with the Sher Fertility clinic was a very refreshing experience. Having the opportunity to e-mail, call and just show up whenever I needed to, gave me a tremendous relaxation in this already stressful time of our lives.

Dr. Wang was more than amazing! The ability to ask him questions whenever I was worried about different medications, dosages, pills, or just pure support needed from him, was more than unexpected.

I have never seen such devoted, supportive and caring doctor in my life! Very often I say that if I could clone him and have him for every single medical need in the future, would be so great!

Because of Dr. Wang’s amazing knowledge, dedication, support and mainly his determination are the reasons why we are so happy to be expecting a baby boy in the fall! We will be forever grateful for his help and we will never stop admire and spread the word about him and his amazing personality!

Thank you, Dr. Wang for not giving up on us and for being there every step of the way! We truly have found a new friend and I promise to be back for a second child very soon!”
Forever grateful,
Ana – Founder of the Wang Gang support group

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my DH and me

The happy couple!

Dr. Wang and me

Me and Dr. Jeffrey Wang!