Jennifer Hart, Embryologist Sher Fertility St. Louis

Jennifer Hart, M.S. is an Embryologist and Laboratory Manager with the team at Sher Fertility St. Louis. She shares her thoughts about working with the team in St. Louis and offers two excellent insights into what patients that visit the office should know more about.

Jennifer Hart is the lab manager and an embryologist at Sher Fertility St. Louis.

Jennifer Hart is the lab manager and an embryologist at Sher Fertility St. Louis.

I became an embryologist because … While earning my degree in animal sciences, I found my reproductive physiology courses fascinating.

I like working in the lab at Sher Fertility Institute because … We are family!  It is an amazing team of remarkable people that are so positive and encouraging both to our patients and to each other.  I love the team I work with both here at the Sher Fertility St. Louis office as well as all the other Sher clinics across the country.  We all work hard toward the same goal: getting our patients pregnant and making the journey as smooth as possible!

I have been an embryologist for… 12 years, all of which I’ve spent with Sher.

My training and educational background includes … I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of IL in 2001.  I worked in the Chicago-area for a year doing andrology right after college.  After starting work at Sher Fertility, I enrolled in the masters of clinical embryology & andrology program through the Jones Institute at Eastern Virginia Medical School.  I received my Master of Science degree in 2006.

Patients can rest assured that the labs across the Sher network are … Working together when necessary to collectively use our years of experience to help develop the best protocols for handling your most precious cargo.

The hardest part of my job is … Troubleshooting why a patient did not get pregnant even though they had fantastic embryos transferred and everything seemed to be perfect.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is … Working as a team in such a positive and encouraging environment to help grow our little miracles that we see under the microscope into babies that our patients can hold in their arms.

The question I get asked the most is … What happened to the rest of my embryos?

The one thing I wish our patients understood better is … Can I have 2 things?

#1: IVF is not 100% successful.  I understand that most of our patients come from many years of struggling to conceive.  Unfortunately, a lot of patients feel like once their journey brings them to IVF, it’s a sure thing.  It breaks my heart when patients start a cycle believing that and it ends in a negative cycle.  Success rates for IVF vary widely depending on the variables every patient brings to the cycle.

#2: Not all supernumerary embryos will be frozen.  Although many patients are excited to have extra embryos frozen after their fresh transfer, our goal is always one healthy baby.  Please don’t be discouraged if you do not have embryos to freeze after a fresh cycle; this is not at all a reflection of the embryos that were used for your transfer.

One little-know-fact about me is … I love playing volleyball (sand and indoor).

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