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29 Oct

Melissa Brown Thanks Sher Fertility

I can’t believe I’m actually writing my success story here, I was always afraid I would be one of the unlucky ones, and I had good reasons to think this.

My husband and I married later in life. I had two children from a previous relationship and my husband had none. I knew that I wanted to have one more child and my husband said he would be happy with whatever happened.

As soon as we were married we began trying using ovulation predictor kits and other expensive monitors to try and increase our chances. After 5 months and a birthday I was now considered Advanced Maternal Age and I was determined to act quickly to try and make our dream a reality.

We meet with SIRM in the early fall to begin testing which all came out fine except for an expensive test that was ordered to look at DNA Fragmentation, which I think was our lifesaver in the long run. The fragmentation came back border line low, but there was a possibility with vitamins, an IUI may be a possibility, or IVF with ICSI.

Four IUIs later and lots of tears we realized were just throwing money away and we needed to move forward with IVF quickly.

Unfortunately, we had been paying for all the testing, IUIs and medicine out of pocket, so we didn’t have the extra money for IVF.

After calling SIRM I discovered because my husband is a university professor they would discount our cycle. In addition, I found out about a program that would cover the costs of the fertility medicines.

In three months my husband taught extra classes, we cut back wherever we could, we were seriously on a budget!! I went through and sold anything I could (furniture, clothes, jewelry) to try and raise the extra funds..and we somehow raised the money!

January 2013 we started our first cycle of IVF and I was a nervous wreck, plus there were changes occurring in the St. Louis office. Throughout my cycle I emailed Dr. Sher my questions and concerns and he emailed me back even on a holiday weekend. He was Amazing. Five days after my transfer I received a positive pregnancy test and learned a few weeks later we were having TWINS!

My pregnancy was picture perfect and on September 18, 2013 Emma Catherine and Charlotte Elizabeth were born and totally perfect.

Attached are a few pictures from their 1-month photo shoot.

Thank you Again SIRM St. Louis..Our babies would not be here if it was not for your help!

Many Thanks,

Melissa Brown

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