Lauren and Jenna

25 Jan
Fertility Success Story - Dominique and Brad Whittle

My husband I were married in July of 2005. It was a whirlwind romance that we both just knew was right. We began trying to get pregnant right away thinking it would take a month or two for us. 4 years later we still had no baby. We began our fertility journey with another specialist. The office staff was cold and the doctor too, although he came highly recommended by a friend. We made it through the testing and diagnostic steps and our reason for not being able to conceive was unknown. We decided to pursue IVF and were told we had no insurance for such a procedure and we weren’t given any other options. The whole process felt like an extremely long timeshare presentation. We left sad and defeated.

Several weeks later I had a client who heard about our situation and had the same experience with said office. She then found Dr. Fisch through another friend. I immediately contacted the Sher institute and was greeted by the kindest voice on the other end of the line. An appointment was made for my husband and me to meet directly with Dr. Fisch.

We were greeted by a sweet and patient man who took the time to answer all of our questions and concerns. After that appointment I corresponded further with Demarri and she informed me that we did indeed have some fertility coverage through our insurance company. That did it. We agreed to move forward with IVF, which we felt was our best option. The process was very difficult to endure, injections, egg harvesting etc.; but with the kindness of our caretakers, we were able to make it through. We were pregnant on our first attempt with twins no less! We are now the proud parents of 18 month old twin girls. Lauren and Jenna are the loves of our life and without Dr. Fisch and the entire Sher Institute team I am fairly certain we would not be parents today. Thank you all for everything.

Our lives are full with love, laughter, and discovery.

Dominique and Brad Whittle

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