Intralipid Infusions

19 Mar
Intralipid Infusions

Why do I need to take them?
In February of 2012 I tested positive for elevated Natural Killer cells. It’s an auto-immune disorder which is preventing an embryo from attaching to the lining of my uterus. My body is “attacking” itself. These treatments of infusions are going to down regulate these activated cells increasing success rates of a pregnancy.

What are Intralipid Infusions?
A dietary supplement which is used for MS patients, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and also in my case, couples who are preparing to undergo infertility treatments such as IVF who have immune disorders. Its a highly calorific mixture of natural fats containing egg yolk and soya oil. A lot of hospitals use intralipids to tube feed patients back to health. Because it is still considered new and “experimental”, it is not yet FDA approved (Well, for the use of fertility treatments) and therefore my insurance will not cover these $400 infusions. It is a mixture of 20% Soybean Oil, 1.2% Egg Yolk Phospholipids, 2.25% Glycerin, and Water.

Success Rates & Stories for Encouragement …
Researchers and trial studies conducted both in and outside of the U.S. are showing raving results. A lot of studies will target women who suffered from immune disorders and recurrent miscarriages and/or failed IVF cycles and more likely than not achieve a successful live birth after undergoing these intralipid infusions. Here, a recent trial done by British researchers involving IVF and intralipids..

“Research on Intralipid involved 96 women – average age 37 – all of whom experienced at least 6 previous failed IVF attempts. Fifty of the women in the group received infusions of the soy-based oil, given by intravenous drip about a week before their IVF was to begin. Forty six of the women received no treatment. All the women subsequently underwent an IVF procedure, which included removing their eggs, combining them with sperm in a laboratory dish, and then implanting the resulting embryo into the woman’s uterus.
Fifty percent of the women who received the Intralipid infusions achieved successful pregnancies, compared to just 9 percent of those not treated.  In terms of miscarriage, just two women who received Intralipid miscarried (about 8 percent) compared to seven miscarriages in the group who did not receive the infusions (about 64 percent).”

Here is a photo I took of my intralipid medication package…

Intralipid Medication
Wish us luck! I’m writing this blog as I’m hooked up to the IV now. I have 4 hours on this IV and will have to do this a couple times yet.


  • […] week. This is what I’m going to the oncologist for. My immune system is hyperactive and the intralipids should help normalize things. This is for the Natural Killer cells. Each infusion will last over 2 hours. I saw the orders from […]

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