My Infertility Story: Lynn Stritzke

19 Apr

Hello my name is Lynn, and I have a WHOPPER of a story for you.

We now live in Seattle Washington, but from September 2005 until May of 2012 we lived in Kaufman Texas about 30 miles east of Dallas. Before we moved to Texas, we did a few IUI’s in Seattle and I had the HSG where they put fluid in your tubes to see if they were blocked. They told me there were no problems so we went ahead and did 4 IUI’s of which none worked. I was also on Clomid for a little while before we moved to Texas.

One morning while I was at work in 2008 (I work at UPS) I was listening to the radio and heard a commercial for Sher Institute in Dallas and found out that they were holding a free seminar. So we went to Medical City in Dallas and listened to Dr. Saleh and Dr. Sher talk. We made an appointment and brought everything we had – to talk with Dr. Saleh. He looked at the x-rays from Seattle and immediately told me my tubes were blocked! Then after talking we decide to go with IVF. I was 33 at the time. So we took all the meds and did all the shots and the first ultrasound to check follicles which looked GREAT! However three days later nothing had changed and we stopped the cycle. We did another one 3 months later and I was on the highest dosage of Stim meds I could be on and the same thing happened.

That’s when we decided to go with an Egg Donor. We went through the Egg Donor Center of Dallas and they were AMAZING! We picked a donor we liked and got everything in order and when it came to retrieval, none of her eggs were good….she had failed.

We didn’t want to wait too long so we got another one and she gave us 9 eggs, but only 2 fertilized so we transferred those two and became pregnant! Unfortunately after I went in for my 8 1/2 week ultrasound (which looked great) about 3 weeks later I miscarried. Never found out why!

We got another donor and she gave us a few eggs….can’t remember how many but I know we got to freeze 3….the first transfer we had was a negative, so Dr. Saleh suggested Genetic testing. It came back with a DQAlpha match, so we did Intralipid. I had an infusion two weeks before the transfer and one right after;  we became pregnant again….but miscarried before the heartbeat ultrasound.

The first time I got pregnant there was a gal in our group who was blessed with Quadruplet boys! She and I became friends on a chat site which we all did for almost every cycle. They saw that we failed again and offered us their last 5 embryos! It was AMAZING!

We did all the paperwork and I did all the meds I was supposed to and on the morning of the transfer, we got to the clinic and they said that they didn’t like the 2 they had thawed, so they wanted to thaw the last three. We did, and they looked good, so we transferred three but nothing happened. We checked again with the clinic a few months later and we were offered 4 anonymous embryos and we were excited! But just like the last time, my body was in perfect condition, but still  nothing happened.

That’s when we finally decided to go with a gestational surrogate. With the help of a family member to pay for the Surrogacy we got yet another donor and found an INCREDIBLE person to carry for us.

We did have another Surrogate lined up and ready but she backed out on us a few weeks after we did the preliminary blood work. We also had an awesome donor who gave us 23 eggs and 20 fertilized, so we got to freeze 13!!

Finally, we found our Angela. She was actually contracted with 2 other couples who backed out on her and we were just MADE for each other. She lived in Ohio and came to Dallas a few times before the transfer. My poor hubby was actually in the hospital himself on the day of the transfer due to a hernia surgery. So he was in another town and we were transferring in Dallas!

We transferred two embryos on December 16th and due to Christmas, the blood test was scheduled for December 27th. We got the GREATEST Christmas gift from Angela as we were getting ready to fly back to Seattle for Christmas …..a picture of a POSITIVE Home test!

She had her blood test, and the numbers were high enough to determine that there may be twins. She had an ultrasound and there were TWO! She had been in Dallas for work at 9 weeks and we got to see the heartbeats! She and her kids came down at 18 weeks and we found out our twins were GIRLS! She also came down at 24 weeks for our baby shower. At 34 weeks 5 days, she went into labor so we rushed up to Ohio but everything stopped. We stayed with her in her hospital room for almost 2 weeks until she gave birth, and the girls were born 10 mins apart on August 9th 2011! Our girls names are Samantha Dean and Angela Johanna. They are now almost 19 months old and our surrogate Angela is still a BIG part of our lives. She is planning to come to Seattle in April of this year, and she and her kids were here for their First birthday last August.

Thanks to Dr. Saleh and Heather (coordinator), Stephanie and Doug (Embryologists) and Tammy (receptionist) and Karen(office manager) and all the Nurses at SIRM Dallas. Without them, we would not have our precious girls. It took 5 years of patience and hard work and a LOT of heartache and $$ but I actually MISS them all dearly! We moved back to Seattle in the May of 2012 to be around family so they can enjoy these special little girls!


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