Tubal Reversal vs. IVF: Which is More Successful?

29 May
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What is better IVF vs. tubal reversal

This is a question I get quite often. In my opinion, a more useful question is: “Which is more efficient?” let me first say that there is a relatively high birth rate following tubal ligation reversal (reanastomosis) when viewing a long term time horizon. In successful surgeries, the birth rate within 3 years of the procedure is approximately 50%. By comparison, when IVF performed in a center of excellence, the birth rate is comparable following a single attempt and is far less invasive than surgery. And unlike tubal reversal, IVF does not require hospitalization or an extended recovery period. Moreover, by doing IVF and leaving the tubal ligation undisturbed, the woman retains subsequent control over family planning without having to resort to using some other form of contraception.

Another point to be considered is the high incidence of tubal or ectopic pregnancy following the performance of tubal reversal (about 20%). Major surgery also requires a few days of hospitalization and subsequently a few weeks of convalescence. There is also a risk of post-operative complications, increased cost, time away from work, incapacitation, and significantly greater discomfort. The cost of a full cycle of IVF is, in fact, comparable to that of tubal reversal surgery.

In my opinion, provided that IVF is performed in a program with high success rates, tubal surgery for fixing damaged or blocked Fallopian tubes, with few exceptions, can no longer be justified financially or ethically.


  • jeff says:

    We just found out that our insurance will not cover IVF because my wife had tubal litigation 6 years ago. I had already did two semen analysis and my wife was taking birth control. we asked the doctors office to check with our insurance before we started the process but I guess nobody did till this week. We were told we were great candidates for micro IVF 2 months ago, last week we were advised that micro IVF was not an option. Financial manager states that only option is paying cash, my questions is whether to pursue TR since it is much cheaper and we are really frustrated with the miscommunication from the doctors office.

    • Geoffrey Sher says:

      There is no way that tubal reversal is less expensive than Micro-IVF. besides, the success rate per month of trying post a successful reversal is about 15 times lower and if pregnancy does occur post-TR the ectopic (tubal pregnancy) rate is 10m times greater than post-IVF.

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