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22 Nov

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  • MO says:

    Should I ask my RE for endometrial receptivity test? I only have two frozen embryos (day 5 blastocyts). Below is my medical history:
    May 2013 Fresh IVF (2 embryos transferred) resulted in ectopic pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound
    November 2014 Frozen embryo transfer (1 embryo transferred) resulted in suspected ectopic or a biochemical
    March 2014 Fresh IVF (1 embryo transferred) resulted in biochemical
    May 2014 Fresh IVF (2 embryos transferred) resulted in successful pregnancy (1 baby).

    My question essentially is that since IVF or FET (except for my last one which was successful) always resulted in either ectopic or biochemical pregnancies for me, does that mean that endometrial receptivity test would be helpful in choosing the timing of my transfer for FETs. Are biochemical/ectopic pregnancies indicative of a receptive or nonreceptive uterus?