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22 Nov

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– Geoffrey Sher, MD

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  • Kim says:

    Hello, Dr. Sher. I am 35 and have been diagnosed with diminised ovarian reserve (AMH 0.16, FSH 12). I recently tried my first IVF cycle, but it was cancled after 5 days of stimulation medications (450 follistim, 150 menopur, .7 cc omnitrope per day) because I was only growing 2 follicles and they were 4 and 5 mm, respectively. Before beginning stims, I had primed with 5 days of estrace and 5 days of birth control pill (the latter because I was traveling for work and my period had arrived unexpectedly early). When I had my antral follicle count done before starting stims it was only 2, but I had an AFC of 8-10 when it was done a year earlier. Also, my estradiol was quite low (5-12) during the 5 days I stimmed, whereas in previous cycles it had been high. My question is, was the priming protocol appropriate for someone with DOR? Is it ever appropriate to prime someone with DOR with a birth control pill? Could this have contributed to the low AFC and low estradiol this cylce? What alternative protocols would you suggest knowing my history? I know my chances of conceiving with my own eggs are low, but I want to feel that I have explored all possible avenues before committing to a donor egg. Thank you for your help!

  • Sophia says:

    Hi Dr. Sher
    Today, I had my egg retrieval. They told me they should be able to get around 15 follicles. It turned out they were only 9 and that the rest were cysts and also that I have an endometriosis. I never had an endometriosis before. How is it possible they have never seen the cysts and endometriosis during my daily ultrasounds? How will this affect the eqq quality and if an egg is good, a future transfer (operation?). Are 9 follicles a low number they could retrieve? What to do?
    Thanks, Sophia