Embryoscope is Now Available to Patients seeking Fertility Treatment at SIRM St. Louis

06 Mar

The Embryoscope is now available to patients seeking fertility treatment in the Mid-West at SIRM STL! The Embryoscope is a technology that allows undisturbed monitoring of embryos from an unfertilized egg until the blastocyst stage. Its time-lapse video allows our IVF experts to analyze individual embryo growth to identify those with the highest chance of a healthy pregnancy. Prior to the EmbryoScope, embryologists could only see snapshots of an embryo’s development by removing it from an incubator once per day and observing it under a microscope. Why is the Embryoscope possibly better than conventional embryo monitoring?

  • The EmbryoScope increases the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy by taking thousands of photos of each embryo which gives embryologists more information about cell division patterns and other characteristics to identify and choose embryos that will result in a higher likelihood of pregnancy.
  • Embryos are monitored undisturbed in the EmbryoScope incubator, giving them a more stable environment in which to develop.
  • The time-lapse camera in the EmbryoScope lets you take home videos of your embryos developing from their earliest stages.

“The Embryoscope provides a technology that is on the leading edge of fertility treatment. We are very proud and privileged to offer this service to our patients, which continues SIRM STL’s mission to providing the most comprehensive and successful fertility treatments to this region,” states Dr. Molina Dayal, Medical Director of SIRM STL.

“This technology will allow us to select an embryo that has the highest potential of implanting which improves the safety of IVF by reducing the likelihood of a multiple pregnancy,” explains Associate Medical Director, Dr. Shvetha Zarek.

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