Flu Season and Fertility

01 Feb

Trying to conceive? Dr. Al Peters from SIRM-NJ answers some common questions on how to best navigate the season of sniffles.

Is it a good idea to get the flu vaccine while undergoing fertility treatment?

Yes, flu vaccines are appropriate for most anyone, but particularly for those attempting to get pregnant. The vaccine is safe and will not impair your fertility treatment or your future pregnancy.

What are the different types of flu vaccines? Is there one that is a better choice for those trying to conceive?

There are generally two types of flu vaccine, a nasal spray and an intramuscular injection. Most adults are given the injection vaccine.

What are possible complications for those undergoing IVF who come down with the flu?

Flu complications are no different for patients undergoing IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) than for anyone else. They can include secondary infections such as pneumonia as well as severe blood and other respiratory infections, so getting a flu shot in a timely fashion is very important.

Is it necessary to get the flu vaccine if you got it last year?

Yes, the flu mutates each year. Therefore the shot you get each year is tailored specifically to that particular year’s flu strain, so a new flu shot is needed each year.

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