A Very Special Thanksgiving for Patients of Dr. Wang

The following was shared from a couple that was helped by Dr. Jeffrey Wang.

“It was Thanksgiving week in 2012 and my wife Jessica and I were adjusting to the altitude in Cusco, Peru as we prepared to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.  This was to be the last big trip, last big hike, last special experience with just us. After eight years together we were thrilled to start trying to bring a child into our family.  We expected our next Thanksgiving would be enjoyed with our newborn child.

Very simple. Very planned out.  Then reality set in.

We spent a few months thinking it is going to happen “this month.”  We then spent six months wondering why it wasn’t happening, another six months figuring out whether something was preventing it from happening and then several more months coming to terms with the reality that it wasn’t going to happen without some help.  We were distraught, on edge and most of all, devastated.  We had waited and planned for the perfect time – and all that started to seem so foolish and naïve.

Then we found the Sher Fertility Institute, and we embarked on an difficult journey.  But Dr. Jeffrey Wang and the Sher team made the journey feel like one surrounded by a supporting family and not Jessica and I on our own.  Every step of the way, every question, fear or concern we had – Dr. Wang was there and made our journey easier until the day the news came. We were having a baby girl.  She would be home with us by Thanksgiving 2014.

Much like our journey on the Inca Trail and arrival at Machu Picchu two years earlier, the journey to meet our beautiful daughter Emilia was difficult, but beautiful and incredibly rewarding by the end.  We will forever be grateful to the Dr. Wang and Sher team!”

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thanksgiving baby

Baby Emilia and her proud parents!


More of the super cute Baby Emilia!