Dr. Jeffrey Wang Helps Couple Have Second Child

The following was shared by a couple that Dr. Jeffrey Wang helped on their journey to having a second child:

“There aren’t words sufficient to express my gratitude to Dr. Jeffrey Wang and the entire Sher Fertility family. As I sit here now recounting my IVF journey, I’m snuggling my sweet baby girl. I wouldn’t have this wonderful gift if it weren’t for the extraordinary talent and endless compassion of Dr. Wang.

My story is one of secondary infertility. My husband and I conceived our son relatively quickly, but when it came time to grow our family, we encountered trouble. As part of routine preliminary testing, we discovered that my FSH was 12, a number considered “too high to work with” by some reproductive endocrinologists. Dr. Wang assured me that no single test result is definitive and we confidently moved forward with IVF.

I can’t imagine going through the IVF process with anyone else. Dr. Wang tweaked my protocol according to my needs, provided close monitoring at every turn, and answered each question I had along the way. He explained everything in an accessible, understandable manner and never rushed or disregarded my concerns. He was always available, even when I would email after-hours or during the weekend. IVF can be a challenging process and Dr. Wang truly made it easy with his knowledge, skill, gentle bedside manner, and keen sense of humor. Dr. Wang is that rare combination of medical genius and kindhearted friend. I am thankful to him with every breath I take.”

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