I Believe Video Journal Project

30 Oct

We wrapped up a successful 2013 I Believe video journal competition and thank everyone that was involved. See the videos by clicking here.

 Here are the terms and conditions followed for for the 2013 I Believe contest

Donated IVF Cycles

We will be donating a total of TWO (2) IVF cycles – one in the “primary infertility” category and one in the “secondary infertility” category (see category guidelines at bottom).

How to Enter
To be considered for the donated IVF cycle, create a video that details your infertility story and expresses your thoughts and emotions. Videos should be 4 minutes or less in length.

It can include music, photos, video, or anything else that conveys your feelings about your struggles to conceive, your plans for the future, and/or your desires to complete your family.  It can be sad, hopeful, funny, happy, sentimental, or any combination. We encourage you to include some video footage of yourself (selves) in the project.

Selection of Winners
After the submission deadline, we will post all entries on a dedicated page on our website (haveababy.com) where visitors can view the videos and vote for one in each category.

Finalists will be determined by a combination of popular vote and input from an internal SIRM panel of judges which includes nurses, doctors and support staff at our Sher Fertility Institute centers around the country.  The number of finalists in each category will be determined by the total number of videos submitted.

An external panel of judges comprised of patient advocates, prior cycle winners, journalists, and social media influencers will then review the finalists’ videos and select a winner in each category.

Videos should be less than 4 minutes in length and can be in any YouTube compatible format. We recommend video resolution of at least 720 pixels.


Please upload your video to your own YouTube channel or other video sharing site (vimeo, etc.) or to our Facebook page.  Once your video is uploaded, copy the link where the video is hosted and email it to us at believe@haveababy.com. In your email, please also include your names, the city you live in, the age of both partners (if applicable), your infertility category (primary or secondary) and at which SIRM office you would prefer to do your IVF cycle.

If we do not receive an email from you, your video will not be included in the contest.

“Secondary Infertility” Defined
We realize that the definition of secondary infertility is subject to some interpretation, but for the purposes of this contest, any couple with a child or children from a current or prior relationship (including by a second marriage, adoption, etc., and regardless of whether they are living with you) will be included in the secondary infertility category.

“Primary Infertility” Defined
A person/couple without children will be included in the primary infertility category.

Clearly, there will be circumstances that don’t fit neatly within one of these categories, so we will address those privately on a case basis. If you have any questions about your own circumstances and which category you will be included in, please email us at believe@haveababy.com.


The Fine Print

  • Prior IVF cycle winners are not eligible to win.
  • Entrants agree to allow their image, voice, and information to be used in promotional materials, video, print, broadcast, social media, and on the Sher Institute website. Finalists also agree to grant interviews to print and/or broadcast media at the request of Sher Institute. 
  • Prior entries that didn’t win in previous contests ARE eligible to win. You may submit the same video or a new one. 
  • IVF cycle includes SIRM-provided services only – no third party services such as anesthesia are included.
  • Medications are not included.
  • Free cycle includes first fresh embryo transfer.  Subsequent frozen embryo transfers will be charged at SIRM’s fee-for-service rate.
  • One entry per family per contest.
  • Embryo freezing and 6 months of cryostorage are included in the free cycle donation (if there are leftover embryos after the fresh cycle).
  • Diagnosis must indicate IVF as a recommended course of treatment at the discretion of the SIRM physician. 
  • Patient must abide by recommendations of SIRM physician regarding protocols and procedures.
  • Services are not transferrable to another party and must be used by the individual/couple that win the contest.
  • If cycle winner has already paid in part or in full for a current or future IVF cycle or multi-cycle package, NO REFUND will be given, but winner will still be eligible for a later cycle at no cost (under the terms listed herein).
  • SIRM reserves the right to amend the conditions at their discretion.
  • Winners have 1 year to begin their IVF cycle.

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